Tips for Creating a Strong Job Posting

Avacend Inc
Avacend Inc

Established in 1996, Avacend Inc., is a staffing agency that provides services to the telecommunication, information technology, and accounting fields. Avacend Inc., specializes in locating professionals to fill temporary roles by hosting job placements on its website, in addition to placing them on job aggregators, such as Monster. One of the keys to finding talented job applicants is the creation of strong job postings. Here are some tips for ensuring yours attracts the right candidates.

1. Find the balance. The aim of creating a job posting is to provide as much detail as possible to candidates in a concise format. Use bullet points to accentuate some of the role’s key responsibilities and requirements. In total, your posting should fall somewhere in the 400- to 800-word range.

2. Be realistic. Few candidates will possess everything you desire for the role, so consider the skills that are most important to the tasks that will contribute to company growth.

3. Incorporate marketing. At its core, a job posting is an advertisement of your company. Consider effective marketing techniques, such as the use of visual stimuli and calls to action, when creating the posting.