avacend-incExperienced in the placement of administrative, operations, and technology professionals, Avacend Inc. strives to meet the needs of hiring businesses. Avacend Inc. works closely with each client to determine its staffing requirements, as well as the ways in which a candidate could work toward the overall success of the organization. Avacend Inc. then uses this information to select professionals that possess the particular skills necessary to contribute to that success.

Avacend Inc. works with businesses in a variety of industries. Particularly focused on information technology and telecommunications, it also provides staffing for call centers, accounting departments, and other professional services teams. Avacend Inc. fills each role through its diverse pool of talent as well as through an integrated network of affiliate groups which help to provide specialized support.

Avacend Inc. stands ready to provide qualified systems analysts, web developers, and database modelers as well as professionals in a variety of related roles. It’s consultant pool is similarly varied and includes technical specialists as well as those focused on quality assurance, resource development, and customer relations.